40 Days for Life

Started on Ash Wednesday. Excerpt from email:

Catholic Bishop Joseph Galante of Camden, New Jersey
noted the hard, sometimes frustrating efforts that
often accompany pro-life work when he wrote this note
endorsing the 40 Days for Life campaign, reminding us
that the Lord is indeed present:

 “We surely have experienced great challenges in our
 effort to give witness to the dignity and value of
 human life. These challenges naturally test our
 patience and commitment. We may hunger for quicker
 progress and tire of the journey. Yet, recalling
 God’s fidelity, and strengthened by His grace, we do
 not grow discouraged or weary, but carry on with
 quiet humility and prayerful perseverance. In this
 spirit, may the 40 Days for Life campaign open the
 hearts and minds of people everywhere.”

Bishop Galante is scheduled to pray at one of the
local 40 Days for Life prayer vigils today. We thank
him — and all of you — who persevere in this battle!


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