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“My Birthday is Coming!” 

By The Puppycat Keeper 

CARROLLTON, Texas – The above was announced with a knowing look and barely disguised expectation. “There shall be no small furry animals,” said the Puppycat Keeper. 

Puppycat coffee time 

CARROLLTON – “I really want a kitty.” “There has been rumor of this yearning,” replied the Puppycat Keeper. “A fine substitute for rumor, however, is this fresh hot perfect coffee.” The Puppycat purrs as she warms her paws holding the Cup of Distraction. 

Puppycats don’t like rain and dark 

CARROLLTON – “It’s dark and everything is shiny. I’m nervous and all the cars want me to go faster.” 

Puppycat has to go to work 

CARROLLTON – January 28, 2009 – The Puppycat was shamed into going to work in the Ice today by her mean overlords. “Grrrrrr” said the Puppycat. “I’m mad. I’m not even packing lunch, I am so mad.” 

Later that morning – “I’m on 190, and I just went under an overpass, and I felt the car slide. It slid for at least 20 feet. I just went with it, but some people are driving fast, and some are driving slow, and I’m mad.” “I’m sorry Puppycat, please be careful”. “Now I am on 190 and it’s all ice. Tell Leon that anywhere there is shade, it is solid ice.” “OK Puppycat. Call me when you get there.” “Ok. I love you bye.” 

Puppycat has a surprise

CARROLLTON – As the Puppycat reads this she will learn that she is going to go to Operation Kindness Saturday to find a kitty. Surprise!! Happy Birthday! You clean the litter box. I am the Puppycat Keeper, you are the Kittycat Keeper.



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