Cigar Notes

Allow me a moment to considerWhat I’m Smoking Right Now

CARROLLTON – At this moment in time, I am not smoking anything. It is 11:20 on 3/1/09, and I am in my pajamas. I am writing this as a sort of dummy article for inclusion in this new version of The Glob. I did smoke a JR Alternate maduro Macanudo wannabe cigar. JR Cigars has big tobacco companies make cigars for them. This particular one was made in I think Honduras, in the same factory that makes Macanudos and Partagas. The cigar store where I bought them had bundles of 20 five dollars off. So, the cigar cost roughly a buck and a half. For a buck fifty, it was worth every penny. Draw was a little tight, but flavor was good. It was peppery which paired well with the 18 year old Famous Grouse scotch I was washing it down with.

What I’m Drinking Right Now

CARROLLTON – Coffee. It’s Sunday morning after all.

What I’m Thinking Right Now

CARROLLTON – Last night we had company: Robert and Celia, Nathan and Tiff and Evie, and Leon and Theresa. Nathan and Tiff brought over a brisket which we finished up on the grill, and Robert and Celia brought steaks and corn. Leon made mashed potatoes and I cooked everything. We had fun. Oh, and James Hall came over as well. We talked, smoked cigars, drank fine spirits, and were in fine spirits.

I am glad to have a job, and glad to be able to have friends and family. I have a lot to be thankful for.

2 responses to “Cigar Notes

  1. A few weeks ago Maureen and I were in North Carolina and saw the JR outlet store. Biggest damn cigar store I ever seen, bought some of my favorites – Hoya
    de Monterrey Excalibur 1066 III Madiro and Macanudo Maduro Hyde park. Also bought 25 each of the JR altenative to both. The Alternatives are ok, but not consistant. some of the cigars are rolled very tight the next may be loose, also they tend to not smoke evenly. Cheap but don’t compare with the real thing.

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  2. fraterbovious

    Somebody read my article!! HOLY SMOKES!! Time for a cigar.


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