Ace of Cakes

CARROLLTON – This is one of the most oddly watchable TV shows I have ever seen. It can be found on the Food Network, and I highly recommend watching. Today’s show has a cake centerpiece for some Starbuck’s event. It also has a cake ordered by some Goth looking folks with red accents. They had their first kiss after watching an Ace of Cakes marathon.

I like the feel of this show. It is kind of laid back, quirky, with really talented decorators making these amazing cakes. One of my favorite cakes was a plane crashing into the Titanic after it had already broke in half and was sinking. Really.

The Food Network has a nice site where you can watch some clips of the show. You should indeed check it out.


One response to “Ace of Cakes

  1. My wife watches that show ad nauseam. After a half dozen or so episodes, in spite of the creative talent, I got sick of the 20 to 30 year old something rock/rap/goth “we’re cool and wear backwards baseball caps” bullshit. Also a HUGE question which is NEVER addressed: does this shit taste any good?


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