Obama Clarifies Campaign Slogan

“Chains You Can Believe In!”

WASHINGTON DC – Sporting a bemused smile, Obama addressed a confused nation today. “What were you people thinking? Change? I mean really.” He shook his head. “Change?

When the room full of confounded reporters sat in silence, Obama gave one of his trademark stutters as he attempted to say three things at once and finally managed “You thought things were going to be different?” Looking around the room, he shook his head in disbelief. “Hunh” he half grunted half snorted. You know, that dismissive half laugh he uses when he hears something he finds stupid or pathetic. “I’ve learned from studying the history of the more advanced European nations that the most disruptive thing heads of state have to deal with is an unfettered press. So get this through your thick heads. You people work for me. I OWN you.”


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