Local Man’s Dedication to St. Paddy Causes Marital Discord

“But, it’s for St. Patrick!”

CARROLLTON – Here in The Highlands subdivision of Carrollton, there is trouble brewing. A certain Irishman’s dedication to the country of his ancestors is misunderstood by his fiery Cuban bride.

“The whole trouble started a few weeks ago when I began to engineer a surprise that was instead interpreted as simple laziness and procrastination.” The man shrugged his shoulders. “Artists are seldom appreciated in their time,” he added as he surveyed his developing work of art. “Take these shades of ochre on the side here. This light yellowish brown is not typically associated with St. Patrick’s day, but it will deepen to a lovely yellow green in just a few more days.” Heaving a sigh, he amended, “Would’ve. Would have deepened. Just in time.”

“¡NO! No lo quiero.” The Cuban spitfire burst into the backyard exuding a sense other than art appreciation. “Es basura. No bueno. NO BUENO!. La piscina deberia ser azul, no verde. No Verde! Limpia la piscina ahora! ¡Que mierda!” And she stormed back inside.

Grabbing his keys, the re-purposed ex-artiste got into his car and headed to Leslie’s Pool Supply.
"Sure an 'tis byoootiful!"

"Sure an 'tis byoootiful!"

Apparently, this local man is not the only one with this idea. Witness the Chicago River below:

"Chicago Will Not Be Outdone By Carrollton!"

"Chicago Will Not Be Outdone By Carrollton!"


2 responses to “Local Man’s Dedication to St. Paddy Causes Marital Discord

  1. The fool. This local putz should have waited for Cinco de Mayo, and claimed it was the worlds largest margarita. (Although I realize that a Cuban may care nothing for a Mexican holiday, at least she may enjoy a cool margarita)


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