NEW YORK; COPPELL – Today, as I was going to watch Jon Stewart’s highly informative video regarding the All Access Squawk Fast Mad Money failure that is CNBC financial reporting, I was alarmed to find the video had been taken private by “it’s owner.”

So, I went digging around to find out what I could and if anyone else noticed it was not up anymore. Instead, I found a site that had it posted, so I clicked and began to watch. About 2/3 of the way in, the screen popped up “This site may be harmful to your computer” and then abruptly I was looking at one of those IQ tests.

Hmmmmmmmm. This has all the aroma of a conspiracy.


One response to “HOLY CENSORSHIP!!

  1. Conspiracy indeed. Or perhaps the “owner” has an extremely well developed sense of fair play, and upon reflection saw the cruel wrong in the mean-spiritedness of the CC clip. After all, media-folk are people too, and deserving of an e-hug.


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