“It’s Not Fair!” Whines Zucker

“He hurt my feelings.”

NEW YORK – Zucker, called Jon Stewart “incredibly unfair” in his presentation of CNBC’s Squawk Box and Fast Money. Zucker also claims that people are growing tired of the irresponsible attacks on the news media and that he’s detecting a “backlash” from Americans toward such biased comedy shows.

Let’s let that sink in for a moment — Yes. He said it was “incredibly unfair.”

Don't laugh at me. I am powerful.

Don't laugh at me. I am powerful.

Jeff Zucker said at the BusinessWeek media summit at McGraw-Hill’s headquarters that,“you’re already seeing a backlash in terms of people saying, ‘let’s stop beating the press.’”

Yes, let’s stop beating the defenseless press. It’s just wrong.

Meanwhile, which media outlet mercilessly pilloried certain candidates during the election coverage? But, that was just comedy. Free speech and all that. First amendment rights however have no place in the analysis of the embarrassing Wall Street high kicks and “buy buy buy” cheerleading of CNBC’s financial analysts. Such an exercise is “irresponsible.” CNBC’s TV personalities are not to be subjected to sober scrutiny, let alone humor. Humor is so mean. Humor will lead to the inevitable backlash. “It is the job of Media to attack people in the public eye. It is not the job, never has been the job, never will be the job of People to attack the Media. We won’t stand for it.”

I’m watching and waiting, trying to determine where this backlash that we are “already seeing” actually is. Perhaps they are still in the NBC pubs getting their courage up to go out and take back the airwaves from Comedy.


"He missed it by that much."

"He missed it by that much."

Jeff Zucker did come out in support of Cramer, host of the aptly named Mad Money. “This one time, on the Today Show, he stuck a flute… I mean he said people should focus on cash.” That was six months ago. Let’s see, how many episodes of Mad Money have we had, and Zucker can come up with this incident on the Today Show from six months ago in support of his financial wizard?

Impressive. (Say it with a deep sonorous tone.) Impressive indeed.

‘Ware the backlash. It’s coming.

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  1. I’m not seeing any comments, on anything! so i figure i better comment…

    Backlash, I think not among “the people” in any case.

    Best wishes on GLOB comments. I’ll post something inflammatory in due time


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