Daver The Raver

The Magic of “Because I Said So!”

By Daver the Raver

COPPELL – Do you remember when you were growing up and arguing with friends, enemies, siblings, fence posts, etc. and you ran out of things to say? Or maybe when you had no good answer for your position? Inevitably, didn’t we all end up saying the same thing at some point? “Because I Said So! THERE!! Nyah, Nyah, Nyah!” (This, of course, was usually accompanied by the childish sticking-out-of-the-tongue, which is not so effective when you are in your 40s and facilitating a business meeting.)

I am particularly interested in this practice because our elected leaders are engaging in the same practices on a daily basis. They are, however, being sneaky bastards about it. The method of choice here is stealth brainwashing. No, this is not a conspiracy theory emerging here; it is just my observation on how gullible the American public happens to be.

To get your way politically in the 21st century, you simply have to say something enough times until it becomes the truth. Got that? Say something enough times until it becomes the truth. Say something enough times until it becomes the truth. Let’s see how this works with a look back of the election – how many times did you hear that George W. wrecked the economy? I have yet to hear any credible evidence that he did it. While I am not an economics expert, I do understand that the economy is one big-ass complicated mechanism that cannot be fully explained without using the word “cluster”. George W. did not wreck the economy! Did he help wreck it? Probably. Did Bill Clinton help wreck it? Probably. How about George H.W. Bush? Reagan? Carter? Probably, probably, and most definitely.

Here’s a news flash for you – President Obama can’t fix the damn thing either! Of course, it is my understanding from the rhetoric during his campaign that he can. Yes, We Can!!! Woohoo!!!! I also understand that he is going to get us all jobs, pay off the debt, prove that the moon is indeed made of green cheese, bat .400 this season, restore America to be the pride of the world, and win America’s Next Top Model while taking down Kobe Bryant in a game of 21. Yes, We Can!!

Make enough insane statements often enough and they become true! Remember the love fest on January 20th? The American lemmings, I mean public, will believe anything. (Quick aside – is the American political system just one big lather, rinse, repeat?)

Case in point – the administration is currently ram-rodding the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). We are being told that it will improve employee rights in the workplace by making it easier to unionize. What it really is when you look at it is an act setting the government up to get all up in small business’ bidness. Little things like dictating working conditions, wages, bennies, etc. The spin-meisters in DC don’t ever tell you that part. All we hear is “Employee Free Choice”, “Employee Free Choice”, “Employee Free Choice.” Hell yeah, give us a “free” choice!!! I’ll take two!

A Gallup poll last week revealed that 53% of American are in favor of the EFCA. Break it down by party affiliation and find that 70% of Dems are in favor, 34% of Reps, and 52% of Independents. Now the scary part – when asked how closely they follow the bill, 26% said “not very closely” and 39% said “NOT AT ALL.”

Of those who said that they did not follow the bill at all, 58% are in favor of it. These idiots should be forbidden to breed! How can you be in favor of something you know nothing about? AAAAGGGHHH!!! I know… Listen to Obama the Builder. He obvious knows better than you do. He has the answers – he said so – and he went on Leno – we like him – he speaks well and can properly pronounce the word nuclear. I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Say it enough times and make it true. Big government is good, I didn’t need that much of my paycheck anyway. My children, grand-children, and great grand-children can afford to pay for the AIG bail-out.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t dislike President Obama and I certainly want him to succeed. He is a very likable guy. He has some good ideas – not all are good, but no one has all good ideas. I don’t particularly care for his tactics and plans, and quite frankly some of it scares the crap out of me! This is exactly why we have a system of checks and balances in our government.

Oh wait, our checks and balances are in bed with each other – and we’re the ones getting screwed.

God help us!


2 responses to “Daver The Raver

  1. So, are you trying to tell me that even if I throw a fit and stomp my feet I won’t get my way? I’m not always going to win?

    Well, what kind of world are we living in!


  2. A harsh, cold world. thankfully, we have beer.

    Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy – Benjamin Franklin


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