CIGAR NOTES – Trinidad

Allow me a moment to consider

What I’m Smoking Right Now

CARROLLTON – Today I am smoking a nice little Trinidad. This offering from the Domincan Republic is a corona, 5 inches long by 44 ring gauge. It is a full bodied cigar with medium brown Ecuador Sumatran wrapper. The binder is Connecticut Broadleaf and the filler is Nicaraguan, Domincan and Puerto Rican. Actually, I’m not sure in this case if it is a blend of these or if this particular cigar may have one or the other.

I’ve had this before, and for some reason I really never think about it when I am at the store, but this is a nice cigar. I usually end up with one of these in some kind of grab bag of cigars. I do like the Ecuador Sumatran wrapper – which provides most of the taste/flavor enjoyment. Since I’ve got my humidors right, it smoke very nicely, even draw, not hot or bitter. Good cigar.

What I’m Drinking Right Now

A little Wild Turkey and Coke. My son-in-law Nathan brought over this bottle and thoughtfully left it here for our mutual future enjoyment. Sadly, my cigar has gone out while typing this. — One moment please — Ok.

What I’m Listening To Right Now

Lento by Julieta Venegas on Pandora Radio. She’s “latin alternative.” Pandora Radio let’s you create channels and streams music over your laptop or personal computing device of your choice. I created the Shakira Channel for my listening pleasure, and so they play Shakira and similar artists. It’s pretty cool. See, now I’m listening to Don’t Speak by No Doubt. If they play a song you don’t like, you can tell them to never play it again, and they will factor that into their music selection algorithm. Like I said, pretty cool.

What I’m Thinking Right Now

Thinking ’bout stuff. Like for example, I need to write my review of the Absinthe Tasting the Puppycat and I attended at Morton’s Steakhouse last night. And the pool needs work, though it is now a sparkling blue, not St. Paddy’s Day green. And about 9 different articles I have percolating in my head that will go into the Religion and Culture section. I have some thought working regarding truth and context and the fact we only have subjective reality to work with in our attempts to deal with objective truth. But that will require a little more time and Wild Turkey. You know, to bypass the subjective reality part. To get into, you know the proper mental context.

Puppycat wants to read her email so this article is in the archives!!

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