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Unassuming Blog Serves in Humility

BLOGOSHPERE – Here is a nice blog that asks simple questions. Questions like, “Since Bush went to war with Iraq for the sole purpose of getting all the oil, where is my oil?

I think it’s a fair question.


One response to “BLOG REVIEWS – Quiet Confidence

  1. Clearly, Bush has my oil (and yours) probably in some vast underground hoard built on the backs of the proletariat using ill-gotten profits ripped from the hands of widows and orphans. I bet he dives into it just like Scrooge MacDuck used to dive into his piles of coins (which seems like it would be uncomfortable, but ultra-rich military-industrialist power-brokers have ways mysterious to us common folk).

    So Bush (and maybe Cheney) have all the oil, and we get diddly. Curses!

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