LETTER – Reader loves this paper

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I Love This Paper!

BALCH SPRINGS, Texas – It is the only one to which I subscribe!!! I love the editor AND that Daver the Raver guy…. Reading that rant the other day brought back a memory of a recent conversation that I had with our Director of Training…here fore to be referred to as bullet point man….Funny how Bullet Point man and Daver the Raver sound and think sooo similar. As I read the rant it was eerie how suddenly bullet point man’s voice was suddenly there… in my head. Related perhaps? Distant cousins of some sort. – Jewels


2 responses to “LETTER – Reader loves this paper

  1. I am especially fond of the GLOB myself. I don’t know if I can commit to “love” though… that’s a strong word for a paper. Come to think of it, this isn’t even a paper! It was once, long ago… how you have changed! No wonder our love has grown cold! I hate you for leaving me!


  2. I snorted, I laughed.


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