All Things Puppycat

Puppycat Wants Something – A gmail chat exchange

By The Puppycat Keeper

CARROLLTON – “Yo quierro Peanut Butter esandwiche.”

“Are you asking me to make you a peanut butter sandwich?”

“Si, tengo hambre, por fa”

*Heavy sigh*

“Quierro cafe, tambien por fa”

Puppycat Keeper looks askance at the Puppycat

“y quierro coca cola.”

Further Developments

CARROLLTON – “I just asked Tracy to make me a peatzi butter sandwich.”

“By Chat?!”


“What’d she say?”

“She said she would.

“Tell her I want one too. Strawberry Jam, Crunchy Peanut Butter, and some Fritos.”


“Puppycat, did you tell her?”

“She said she’s on her way.”


Further, Further Developments

CARROLLTON – “Leon, while you’re standing there will you make me a peatzi butter sandwich?”


The Pirate Booty Factor

CARROLLTON – “Puppycat, is that Pirate Booty good?”


“Can I have some?” – tosses it over to the Puppycat Keeper – “I wonder if it would be good on Peatzi Butter Sandwiches?”

Puppycat looks up all bright-eyed, smiles and says convincingly, “I bet it would be really good. I bet you’d like it a lot!”

non-response from the Puppycat Keeper.

“Can I have my Pirate Booty back?”


“Are you flirting with me? Was that a flirtatious response?”

Passion for Peanut Butter


“OK! I’ll go make you a peanut butter sandwich already!!!”


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