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LONDON (GLOB) — “Abolish Money” proclaims one sign at the protest of the G20 summit. I saw an actual picture, but didn’t save it, so you will have to use your imagination. Think of it as Theatre of The Mind. Picture a sunny day, Brits in Bowlers and carrying walking sticks, screaming at the top of their lungs, everything foam-flecked for yards about, and carrying a sheet that says “Abolish Money”. Got it? Good.

Eat Me Capitalist Pigs!

Eat Me Capitalist Pigs!

I am wondering if the protesters know what G20 is all about. In their minds it appears to be a referendum on Capitalism, as witnessed by this sign. Evidently all the problems in the world are in fact due to Capitalism. Naturally, the answer is to do away with Capital. Hence, “Abolish Money.” I attempted to contact one of these in the crowd, the one in the center, right above the “I” in “ism”. No one would tell me where to find this person however, and so I had to just randomly ask people what G20 was about.

“Gordon Brown, can you tell me what G20 is all about?” “Who are you?” “Frater Bovious of The Glob.” “Ahh, thank God there are still some responsible reporting outlets in this world. Well, Frater – may I call you Frater? [affirmative nod from me] let me break it down for you:

“The purpose of G20 (summit) is to bring people together to agree common policies (sic) and indeed coordinate policies that can deal with problems particularly of financial instability and lack of growth, the loss of trade, the loss of jobs that are hurting every continent.”

“Thank you for that succinct definition, Mr. Brown. I am of the opinion that these protesters are somewhat unaware of the point of the Summit.” “Well, now you can hardly be blamed for that, can you. Good day.”

Eat Me Democratic Pigs!

Eat Me Democratic Pigs!

Other protesters appear to believe that the G20 summit is a referendum on Democracy. I ran across a protester and asked him what he was on about. “Who are you?” he asked somewhat menacingly with a paint bomb in his hand. “Frater Bovious of The Glob.” “Ahh, thank God there are still some responsible reporting outlets in this world. Well, Mr. Bovious, here’s the deal,

“I am angry at the hubris of the government, the hubris of the bankers,” said Jean Noble, a 60-year-old from Blackburn in northern England.”I am here on behalf of the poor, those who are not going to now get their pension or who have lost their houses while these fat cats keep their bonuses, hide their money in tax havens and go and live where nobody can touch them.”

Others were not so circumspect, allowing that they should “build a bonfire and throw the bankers on top” and exhorting bankers watching from their office windows above to “jump!” As of this writing, none had complied.

Recently I have been wondering about the fact that in many minds Democracy and Capitalism go hand in hand. The two seem inseparable. Yet, one is concerned with Government, the other is a theory of money and finance. Does one necessarily require the other?

Having taken a Facebook quiz the other day that helped me to understand that in reality I am a flaming liberal, I have had to challenge my basic assumptions regarding the world. Maybe Capitalism and Democracy have diverging goals. But, I have come up blank with an alternative. Somehow you have to govern, and people gotta eat.

We do have this novel approach offered by some of the G20 protesters. It’s a theory I suppose.

It's Not Soylent Green, But It'll Do.

It's Not Soylent Green, But It'll Do.


2 responses to “WORLD NEWS – Abolish Money

  1. “eat the bankers”?!?!


  2. I suppose they are fat and tasty(?)


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