Da Bears Maul the Plowboys

By Chip Hansome

(ARLINGTON) – As the Cowboys fall to 0 – 2, let’s pause and reflect. The Cowboys have some good players. Romo – Austin, check. Romo – Bryant, looks promising. Romo – Williams, Williams would have been the hero in Game 1. Witten, check. Ware, Ratliff, check. They have some players that I’m not sure about – Barber and Jones, are they as good as I want them to be? Maybe. And, the team lacks depth, but that is not up to the players.

The Cowboys have some good coaches and some bad coaches. I won’t run them down – because it does not matter at this point. What the Cowboys don’t have is a good owner.

As long as Jerry Jones wants to pretend that he is not the head coach, and while he pretends that Wade Phillips is, the Cowboys of the last 10 years are what we are going to continue to see – a team of failed promise.

Wade is simply the defensive coordinator. Garrett should be the quarterback coach, maybe. If it is true that Jerry said “I decide playing time” then he is the head coach. It is obviously what he wants – after all, he let go head coach Jimmy after he won two Superbowls. Generally coaches get released for losing, not for winning. But, there you have it. Notice I said after “he”, Jimmy, won two Superbowls. That is what Jones cannot stand. He can’t stand it.

No true head coach, one that actually sees himself as a head coach, will work for Jerry Jones. Which is why Garrett (whom no one courted this off season, he’s over-paid) will be head coach after this season, and why the Cowboys will suck for several years. One day, as Jerry does his best imitation of Tom Hicks, he will sell. Probably to Mark Cuban. Won’t that be a joy?

Meanwhile, we have fan reaction to the latest “effort” below.

“You’re number one, Jerry!”



  1. Dallas is plagued with embarrassing owners. Lots of money, though.


  2. Not as much money as there used to be. Hicks had to sell the Rangers, and sounds like he will be selling the Stars. Cuban insists the Mavericks are losing money – though he can find what he needs to fund them by digging around in his couch cushions.


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