Lamenting The Glob

The Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel Image by Eligius4917 via Flickr

It was recently announced that the print version of the Global Exclaimer is no more. This was (if not noble) a worthwhile experiment and possibly the future – as well as the past – of print journalism. And yet, life gets in the way of some of our more worthy pursuits – print periodicals cost time, effort, creativity and even something others want to hear about, but in the final analysis it costs money… who in these times has a surplus of that?

And so the GLOB is dead, if not for good reasons at least for reasons I can understand. From the ashes of the GLOB may rise another GLOB experiment – GLOB BLOG. Seems ironic somehow (this experiment within an experiment) – will it “take”, will GLOB BLOG soldier on in a different way from print GLOB? “The times they are a changin’” indeed.

This note was posted on the old/original GLOB BLOG . The GLOB is dead, long live the GLOB


Dear Buck,

Thank you for your letter. I am glad to see that you can still post to The Glob Blog – I feared your long silence meant you had forgotten your password, or worse, lost interest! Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make us remember what we have!



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