Cigar Notes – Montecristo

Four cigars of different brands (from top: H. ...

Four Well Known Cigar Brands (Wikipedia)

Allow me a moment to considerWhat I’m Smoking Right Now

(caveat: This was originally posted a year and a 1/2 ago. Am reposting to give the illusion of activity on this site. Well, actually, I am testing the timed delivery post feature of WordPress.)
CARROLLTON – A Montecristo Sevens. Man what a cigar. This is a fabulous smoke. The story on the Sevens is this: Two tobacco rollers, each with 25 years of experience, are paired as a team. One selects the tobacco leaf. The other rolls the work of art. This is easily one of the very best cigars I have ever had. This is a seven-inch cigar with a ring gauge of 50. It is a mild to medium smoke. The color is medium brown, not nearly as dark as a maduro, but not the light tan that most people are familiar with. The wrapper is Ecuador Sumatran, a very nice wrapper with a slight peppery note. The binder is from the Dominican Republic while the filler is a blend of Dominican and Brazilian tobaccos. The shape is parejo, which is the standard shape most people are familiar with.

This has an exceptionally smooth draw, nice even burn, smooth white ash, and I can easily blow robust perfect smoke rings. What a joy this is.

What I’m Drinking Right Now

A classic milk bubble tea from Fat Straws. You may be thinking, “That is an odd pairing.” Or, you may be wondering, “What the hell is a bubble tea. And classic milk – huh?” Well, I’ve done a bit of deliberate experimentation with my cigars and beverages. By far, my favorite pairing of a good cigar is with a good port. I’m kind of partial to tawny ports, but do enjoy the more common dark ruby ports. I also very much enjoy a cigar with scotch, and probably my favorite current scotch is Famous Grouse, or, as it is known by certain associates, Infamous Goose. The scotch is on the rocks, sometimes with water, sometimes not.

Additionally, I enjoy rum and coke or whiskey and coke. I like dark Jamaican rum, usually Myers Original. For whiskey, I’ve become partial to Wild Turkey. Jack Daniels is for teenagers with no palate, by the way. It’s the whiskey equivalent of Mad Dog 20/20 or maybe Night Train. But, there are of course non-alcoholic drinks to be enjoyed with cigars.

Personally, regular coke is really good. All diet anythings absolutely suck. They are simply wretched. When one is enjoying something so pure and naturally earthy as a burning leaf, a mouth full of artificially constructed liquids is revealed for the putrid trash that it is. On the other hand, water all by itself is OK. Coffee generally is not good with a cigar, I’m not sure why. It just doesn’t work.

“Yeah, yeah, but what the hell is a bubble tea?” Fair question. I mentioned the name of the place I bought my bubble tea from – Fat Straws. It is called that because of the bubbles. Which are not bubbles. They are in fact fairly large balls of black tapioca. “MmmmMmmmm,” I can hear you thinking. (The bubble won’t fit in a regular skinny straw. You have to use these big fat straws. Get it?) I’ve only tried two types of the bubble tea from this place – the Thai Tea and the Classic Milk. The Thai tea does not taste good with cigars. However, I am finding the classic milk to be quite nice. Unusual? Well, yes, but then, so am I.

What I’m Listening To Right Now.

A cd by some group called Phono Phreak. I bought this from the little ensemble playing at The Nasher Sculpture Center several years ago when the Puppycat and I went for an evening event there. There was dinner out doors and then this group playing something I guess you would call Jazz Chill. It is really nice background music. Chill by the way arose in night clubs where the pounding driving overly loud music on the dance floor gave rise to a side room where this really smooth electronic influenced music would be played where patrons could chill out for a while. I really like it. In fact, my very favorite cd is Flamenco Chill, brought to me direct from Spain by this girl we know from Spain. Anyway, that’s what I’m listening to. Believe, me, the combination of a cigar, bubble tea, music, and the fact today was pay day make this a very enjoyable evening.

What I’m Thinking Right Now

That this article is probably too long, and what I am thinking about would easily double the size of this article, so, never mind. I would, however, love to know what you are thinking about. So, leave a note in the comments!


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