Chip Bloecher, 37, Remains in ICU

(CARROLLTON) – Chip Bloecher, elementary school principal at Carrollton Christian Academy, remains unconscious in Arlington Memorial Hospital after passing out in his truck during the Cowboys game on September 19.

Pray For Chip Bloecher


Tube is out and he is talking, but sparsly, he is sore. He has asked to go home, watch football. He needs to cough, remain calm and breathe deep. Please note visitors are limited to family, we do welcome you to ICU West to rejoice! Your continued prayers are requested!

Bloecher, 37, has battled kidney failure, pneumonia, and cardiac arrhythmia since suffering a massive heat stroke in the Cowboys parking lot. A family friend stated that Bloecher’s physical condition is improving, but doctors are unsure how much cognitive damage has been sustained. A transfer to UT Southwestern’s brain trauma unit will likely occur as soon as arrangements are finalized.

The following was posted on the Pray For Chip Bloecher Facebook page today, September 27th: “Chip had an uneventful night. It looked like he rested well. He did have a temperature most of the night. Still have not heard anything about the transfer, will post when more is known. Please pray for continued rest and healing and a safe transfer today. Thank you!”

Please follow the link to lend your support and offer your prayers for Chip, his wife Lisa, and daughter Hope.

2 responses to “Chip Bloecher, 37, Remains in ICU

  1. Lyndall-Pat Reynolds

    Dear Chip, Lisa, Hope and Nina & Family,

    We loved you as a teenager, Chip, at Raytown Church of Christ. Our prayers go up to our heavenly Father and Savior Jesus for your healing and restoration to your family.

    Pat Reynolds


  2. Lyndall-Pat Reynolds

    May each minute find you improved in body, mind and spirit.

    May your tomorrows be more gentle,

    Pat Reynolds


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