Shall We Dance?

Let's Dance!

Carrollton Senior Center

1720 Keller Springs Rd.


$5.00 per person 50+ only

Free dance class with price of admission 6:05 – 6:50

Refreshments served




Thurs. Apr. 7th – Gary Lee – Ballroom

Thurs. Apr. 14th – Southern Pride – C&W

Thurs. Apr. 21st – Ronnie Martin – Ballroom

Thurs. Apr. 28th – High Caliber – C&W


Dance Class – Continuing West Coast Swing




Thurs. May 5th – Gary Lee – Ballroom

Thurs. May 12th – Southern Pride – C&W

Thurs. May 19th – Ronnie Martin – Ballroom

Thurs. May 26th – High Caliber – C&W


Dance Class – Rhumba




Thurs. June 2nd – Gary Lee – Ballroom

Thurs. June 9th – Southern Pride – C&W

Thurs. June 16th – Ronnie Martin – Ballroom

Thurs. June 23rd – High Caliber – C&W

Thurs. June 30th – Russ Dorsey – Ballroom


Dance Class – ChaCha


Thanks to all for what you do for our dance

Bobbie McDaniel

Carrollton Sr. Dance Club

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