Planned Parenthood Under the Microscope: In Defense of Kirsten Powers – By Michael New – The Corner – National Review Online

Prevention Park, is the largest Planned Parent...

Prevention Park, where babies are prevented. The largest Planned Parenthood facility. Image via Wikipedia

March 9, 2011 11:50 A.M.

By Michael New

Last week a Daily Beast article by Kirsten Powers generated some excitement in pro-life circles. The article entitled “Busting the Birth Control Myth” makes the case that Planned Parenthood does not deserve funding from the federal government. Specifically, Powers makes two arguments. First, contrary to the claims of Planned Parenthood, existing research fails to show that greater contraceptive availability will reduce abortion rates. Secondly, even though Planned Parenthood officials state that their goal is to protect women’s health, their tax filings indicate that their mission is to achieve “a U.S. population of stable size.” Powers argues that their dishonesty in how they present themselves to the public renders them unworthy of taxpayer dollars.

via Planned Parenthood Under the Microscope: In Defense of Kirsten Powers – By Michael New – The Corner – National Review Online.

One quick caveat – some data that Kirsten Powers used was from a study published in 2011 but using data from 2000. So, some of her data is inaccurate.  There is an attempt to discredit her because her numbers aren’t perfect. However, her conclusion still stands.

The simple reality: While the use of contraception is simply accepted as normal, healthy and responsible by the bulk of our nation, it has not prevented unwanted pregnancies. My basis for this statement is the fact that abortion rates have steadily risen all during these enlightened years of more and more contraception.

Contraception plays a vital role in the marketing plan of Planned Parenthood. They make their money performing

You will notice the abortion rate rising, not falling, despite record numbers of contraceptives being made available. This is by design.

abortions, not by handing out contraception. Contraception is a loss-leader. In grocery store parlance, a loss-leader brings people in to buy some staple at a price so low the store is actually losing money. The store hopes to gain new customers, and they hope while the people are in, buying milk for say 99¢ a gallon, they will buy additional products that have a higher gross margin, and make up the loss.

For Planned Parenthood the plan is simple. Get people having sex, early and often. Give them contraceptives knowing they will not use them properly or regularly. Then offer abortion when the “unthinkable” happens.

And, dear readers, we help fund this sham with our tax dollars.


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