Why Are We Bombing Libya?

(LIBYA) – In its new role as hired thug, America led the way with a second wave of bombing against Libyan ground forces and air defenses last Saturday and Sunday. This flexing of muscle was followed by a statement by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, allowing as to how the US will be uninvolved “in a matter of days”, handing things over to an as yet undetermined coalition headed by, well, somebody not the US.

Is there an Imam on the planet that believes the goal of the United States is to protect downtrodden civilians? Or, to put a finer point to it, is there an Imam on the planet that won’t exploit this latest example of United States aggression against Muslims to their benefit?

Does the world need the United States bombing Libya? Or, to put a truly finer point to the issue, is there any coherence to the Commander In Chief’s use of our military? President Obama chartered a ferry-boat to get US citizens out of Libya because he didn’t want to send the wrong message by sending military conveyances. What was the wrong message? What message is being air-mailed now?

Regardless, the end result will be this:

"Death to America, The Great Satan!"




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