Another Meatless Friday

(CARROLLTON) –I have with me today my Nissin HOT & SPICY Bowl

Comes Complete with SOUP BOOSTER!!

Noodles™ with Shrimp which I am sure to find simply fabulous.

I have many unfinished items of business: I need to finish the movie review of Jesus Christ Superstar, some other thoughts on something else I am currently mis-remembering, and some other thing. Probably religious. Lenten, as it were. And, my fellow member of THOOTR, Frater Cowculus, as suggested I do in essay form three book ideas I have had. I have decided to do that, and they will be titled Sacrament, In the Time of Jeremiah, and Moloch Rising.

I’m guessing the good Frater may know me and sense that the likelihood of these essays being written are much greater than books, and that it is more likely once the essays are written that it could turn out that they are expanded into books.

So, watch the skies!!



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