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Creepy Part Two – via the Press This Feature of WordPress

The Pentagon, Where Military Decisions Are Made.

The Pentagon

By Robert Burns – The Associated Press
Posted : Friday Apr 1, 2011 12:21:26 EDT

WASHINGTON— The Pentagon is about to pull its attack planes out of the international air campaign in Libya, hoping NATO partners can take up the slack.

via U.S. ending its air combat role in Libya – Air Force News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Air Force Times.

As I was writing Creepy I was unaware of the above. It would seem we are now done protecting civilians. The leadership philosophy of our President seems to have evolved naturally from his campaign speeches: “Yes, I believe we can change,” coupled with a Clintonian sense of “hope” that others (NATO) can take up the slack. But, wait, aren’t we part of NATO?

“But wait yourself!” you may be thinking. “You seem to have a damned if you do, damned if  you don’t attitude toward our beneficent President.” Yes, it would seem that way to the sleepy or inattentive. Actually, the problem I have is the “dust in the wind, dude” approach he has to foreign policy. When he can drag himself to the task at hand, he seems to have seen the problem for the very first time. Now, I was very concerned about why we were bombing Libya to start with as noted in this post and this one. However, what really concerns me is the apparent lack of a coherent foreign policy. That should concern everyone, don’t you think?



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