Just a Blogging Along, Singing a Song

May BlogaThon – not to be confused with May BlogAThong

So, I decided to use peer pressure to help me write a blog a day for the month of May. This here will be the first post, and will be somewhat incoherent since I thought today was not May the First. But, 30 days hath September etc.

I have at least 5 days worth of blogging up my sleeve: I never finished a movie review of the 1970 something Jesus Christ Superstar, I want to start a regular feature titled Afternoon Teleogy,  I have my job search which I can bore everyone with, and then there is the usual poking fun at politics etc. And, The Global Exclaimer has to announce its official endorsement of a surprise candidate for President of the USA.

After that, well, we’ll see.

This particular blogathon is the brain child of Michelle Rafter, and I think this is the fourth year this has been going on. I don’t think there are any requirements like minimum post size, etc., so this is going to probably be about it for this post. If I get all my chores done today, I will come back with either the 2nd installment of a discussion of the movie Jesus Christ Superstar, or announce the endorsement of a candidate for POTUS.


7 responses to “Just a Blogging Along, Singing a Song

  1. This post made me laugh. Look forward to seeing what else you come up with this month!


  2. Thank goodness for no requirements on post length, etc. (I found that freeing, anyway.) Looking forward to reading more of what you have to say!


  3. And thank the Lord this *isn’t* a “Blogathong”! LOL.


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  5. Did you mean “pure pressure”? lol! Good first post. I’m looking forward to reading more about your world.


  6. WOW – nothing ramps up site visits and comments like the first post of a blogathon! Thanks everyone for stopping by! I have a very good feeling about this…


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