Country AND Western

Motivational Country Song Writing

An Oxymoronic Exercise

(CARROLLTON, TX) – I was reading this post on motivational quotes (link), when a comment caught my eye and did inspire me. The comment said:

Now write a country and western song! Do it! Do it!

Exploding Brain Cells - reverse osmosis of alcohol causes brain cells to swell up and pop like champagne bubbles in your head. - courtesy of Wikipedia

Without Further Ado:

I got drunk and my wife left me
My hound-dog up and died
I’ve been drinking steadily
My brain cells are all fried.
Took my shotgun into town
Just to make a point,
The sheriff got the drop on me
Now I’m sittin’ in the joint
Oh Lord my life’s a mess
What am I to do?
Oh Lord my life’s a mess
Alone and feeling blue.
Just imagine steel guitar with that drunk sea-sick sound and you’ll be right there.


5 responses to “Country AND Western

  1. That’s hilarious! Definitely a country song. Btw-kiss the ground for me.


  2. I’m honored that the inspiration for this somehow came about through my blog. That’s some dangum fine writin’.


  3. My suggestion for your predicament would be to go sky diving. Failing that, rocky mountain climbing.

    I’m glad I finally inspired somebody to do something that wasn’t illegal or involved some harm to my person!


  4. hah! ! the very original second verse – good one!


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