What I Don’t Got

Two Turn Tables and a Microphone

Oh, And a Post

(CARROLLTON) – May 4th. – – It is currently 7:29 in the ante meridiemand I went to bed at 2:49. So, just under 4.5 hours of sleep. I had a long day yesterday complete with a 2nd interview for a new job, and then working at one of our stores until 2:15 am or so. What was I doing there? Making sure the office was closed and that all the money was accounted for and secured. Because today the store belongs to someone else.I get to do it all again today. Then Sunday. Etc., blah.

Which is why I am also job hunting (my current job officially goes away on June 30th), and why I am blogging now instead of later when I actually have something to say. Because, if I don’t now, it won’t happen today and then I will have failed in the Blogathon. And Failure is NOT an Option.

Ante Meridiem – AM – Latin for before midday. I love Latin – most probably because I have never had to study it. But I love how it sounds, I love the sense it evokes of bygone eras and fuller understandings. When you learn the Latin root to an English word, you learn probably at least five if not a dozen additional English words. Each of those English words though is an abstraction away from the more general Latin. And when you abstract, you deliberately accent one sense of meaning and deprecate the others.

So, anima – current of air, wind, breath, soul – to breath life into something is to animate it, to actually put a soul into it; something animated is alive, something inanimate, is without breath or soul, is dead; something so animated is an animal.

A related word, animus – the mind, the rational soul – the feminine form of animus is anima. From those weird and wild-eyed ideas that there are differences in the sexes, the life-giving or animating characteristic of the words diverge based on the male and the female. Animus can also indicate a strong passion – such that English analogs would be spirit and spirited. Which is why animosity ultimately derives from animus rather than anima.

Aren’t you glad I had nothing to write about this morning?



2 responses to “What I Don’t Got

  1. Does this mark the end of Minyards altogether?


  2. Well, the official answer is No. But everyone knows that the last three stores won’t make it through the year. So, yes. It is dying a slow drawn-out ugly death, but a death it is.


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