Blogathon – Day 5

Cinco de Mayo

You will notice there is no beer in this picture.

Desperation Blogging

Making it up as I go

(CARROLLTON) – May 5, aka to a small section of Mexico and all of Beerdom, Cinco de Mayo.

My current work schedule is such that I have nothing to write about today. So, Instead I have decided to do something to some of my longer posts and then explain it here.

Basically, I’ve noticed many bloggers use the “more” tag to allow for a somewhat tidied look. I’ve never really liked navigating through those “read more”  links, but I may be in the minority. So here.



One response to “Blogathon – Day 5

  1. Funny. Did u get some good mexican food? They always have good sales at the restaurants. Ahh, what I’d give for some good Tex-mex.


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