The Spiritual Advocate

BY Frater Bovious


I’ve been pseudo blogging on a different site – a spin off from this one – it’s called The Spiritual Advocate. It has 10 whole posts up.




4 responses to “The Spiritual Advocate

  1. elaine connolly

    I love “mind cheetos” and “… deny yourself” I loved that whole article, it seemed very well written/ I think you are an even BETTER writer! Eliane


  2. Thanks for letting me know. I poked around a little and will look more when I have time. I’ve missed the Glob so much. That was more fun than college! Hope you guys are doing well.

    Vickie McKillip
    Administrative Assistant,
    Human Resources/Finance


    • Yay!! So, how are you doing? I miss the Glob. I wish I had done it differently – there was a point when Minyard offered a buy out – I would have had 10 months of pay – I think I could have made a go of it. I wouldn’t have mailed it, probably, I would have just put it everywhere, in dentist offices and hospital waiting rooms, etc. But – that’s not what happened. It makes me sad sometimes –


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