A Pondering

And an Udderance


Hola. There are times that I wax nostalgic for The Global Exclaimer. I’ve been trying to understand if it makes any sense to write two blogs, especially since their content would inevitably overlap at some level.

But, I just really like the layout and look I created here, and sometimes if I want to write something that is not so overtly religious or Catholic themed, this may be the place to do so.

For example, I miss writing The Puppycat Page, an oddly well received page from the print edition. Also, Cigar Notes was popular.

If anyone reads this that used to read The Glob. Let me know your thoughts.



11 responses to “A Pondering

  1. I dearly miss the Glob. I miss being a part of it and I miss reading it. I wish you would Glob some more.


  2. I too miss the Glob… sweet, sweet Glob, the cause of – a solution to all of life’s trouble. I long for the days of deep thoughts and good company over a tankard of Glob.


  3. wait… I miss Grog! Grog is what is want! don’t make me settle for Glob… whatever


  4. I miss Glob as well. Please surrender the remainder of your personal time for our amusement! and thank you!


  5. The Glob. It was… It was like a cold six pack waiting… just waiting for you to finish mowing the lawn….


  6. I have been aimlessly wandering the web, a shambling, hollow eyed hulk, since the demise of the Glob. My life will once again have meaning if it returns……..


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