Hospitable Takeover

The Global Exclaimer Then and Now


(CARROLLTON – Cradle of Civilization) In the Beginning, there was a family newsletter which I called The Global Exclaimer. It was largely for fun, and a diversion for me. My family seemed to like it. It was humorous when not plain silly. Sometimes it was serious.

Then there was The Glob Blog. It became embroiled in the politics of the day, then went off on a religious slant.

Then there was an actual newspaper circulated in Carrollton, TX for a year named The Global Exclaimer. It was really the big brother of my family newsletter and was very rewarding personally in every way except monetarily. It became a very expensive and time consuming hobby.

It was replaced by this blog.

Then I spun off a feature of this blog titled The Spiritual Advocate, and did most of my writing over there. It morphed into Truth Vs Reality, at http://truthvsreality.com a sort of philosophical/religious blog. That effort has languished with the beginning of a podcast called My Stogie Mystagogy at https://mystogiemystagogy.com.

But, I miss my news-papering days.

PLUS, I have since received a Masters in Theology, and become a Lay Dominican. So, what to do with the Global Exclaimer?

Nothing but… A Hospitable Takeover! What does that mean?

Hide and watch.

Mark, aka Frater Bovious



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