1 am

Exodus 3:14

But, I’m just challenging your self-image

The Call of Moses as a Fish Story | The Dilettante's Dilemma

Funny how things work. The title of this post is “1 am”, that is 1:00 am, as in the time of night. But, in the preview it looked like “I AM.” And just like that, a post was born.

I could not sleep and was downstairs trying to exhaust myself to sleep, so I opened up my laptop, saw that Relax had a new post, and went there and read it. So should you. “When All is Said and Done.”

For me, it was a prayer, and I was grateful, and no longer quite so exhausted. And for my Puppycat, in this prayer/post, she hits on a theme you have talked about often. How much God enjoys creating and his creation.

It also reminded me of my long ignored book I was writing on The Rosary, and I opened it up and found something I wrote and it all tied together.

I was musing on the reason for the Incarnation. I proposed that for God to remake the fallen world from the outside would entail basically destruction and replacement. Rather, erasure and recreation. Just as you cannot create something you are already inside of, I was thinking that you could not recreate from the inside either. Kind of like the Zen saying that the fingertip cannot touch itself.

What if God did not want to utterly remake his creation? What if he wanted his creation to participate in this renewal? What would need to happen? I concluded this:

With the Incarnation, we have a final direct act of creation by God—man directly from woman, and at the same moment, God made Man. With the Incarnation, God enters His creation as His creation and brings with Him the means for making things right. Only God can renew his creation. Only God would want our willing participation. Only God can manifest the means by which humanity can participate in the fingertip touching itself.

And then I fell asleep, no longer exhausted.

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