Candidate Marketing

Moderated by Chris Wallace

BY: Frater Bovious – September 2020

“What is the end of debate?”
“The beginning of an election cycle.”
“Hah, I see what you did there, you equivocated.”
“Oh, is that bad?”

Many years ago I watched presidential debates. I felt it was my duty. Almost as many years ago I quit watching. I quit watching because I realized they were not debates, they were marketing events. Instead of watching the histrionics, I would read the debate transcripts.

From what I can gather from my wife, who watched the entire commercial, and what little I have picked up from social media, this event is only a few years removed from simply being a gladiatorial event with bloodshed. It seems this country is devolving – behold:

In first Trump-Biden debate, US will finally see its ...
The magnificent fury.

To paraphrase Michelle Obama:

For the first time in my life I am really ashamed of my country because it feels like Idiocracy” is becoming a reality.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters will insist he beat his chest more ferociously, and Biden supporters will note their big silverback’s dominance. The undecided? They may decide to move to France.

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3 thoughts on “Candidate Marketing

  1. LOL! Well, in France there is a teacher covered entirely in tattoos who has had his eye-whites rendered solid black. He lost the Kindergarten job thanks to some poor little soul telling his mom how scary Teach is — but is still allowed to teach 6-year olds and up. (What a gain!) Plus, it was France who de-hijab’d a Muslim woman on a public beach, right? I’m going back to Ireland. The Irish part of it!

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      1. He said maybe it’s one way to get people to not judge people based on their appearance. Well, that is one way. I myself, even at this age, would just as inconspicously grab the bottle of Holy Water from my sill.

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