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The Global Exclaimer is an opinion newspaper – its purpose is to address whatever issues the editors and contributors to The Global Exclaimer happen to be thinking about at the moment. It is the goal of this effort to provide an entertaining thought-provoking read. It’s secondary purpose is to assist The Hermetic Order of the Ruminantia. Nothing more may be said regarding this.

Some Common Questions

  1. Why? – Because we like you!
  2. Where is the content? –
    1. On a desktop: At your top left, you can browse the various sections of the paper. At your top right, you can read the most recent articles.
    2. On a phone, there should be a menu thingy at the top left and you can click on articles, or scroll down to the “What’s Inside” section, and pick one!
  3. Who writes all this crap? – Frater Bovious, a shadowy figure of dubious talent and towering hubris. Occasionally, some foolhardy souls contribute, but quickly realize the error of their ways.
  4. So, are you done being religious? Or Spiritual, or Whatever? – Not at all.
  5. What is The Hermetic Order of the Ruminantia? – Error 401 not found

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