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The Mission of The Global Exclaimer is to address whatever issues the editors and contributors to The Global Exclaimer happen to be thinking about at the moment. It’s secondary purpose is to provide an entertaining thought-provoking read. It’s tertiary purpose is to assist The Hermetic Order of the Ruminantia. Nothing more may be said regarding this. The tone of this newspaper, when not mundanely informative, or foam-flecked opinionated, is pseudo-serious except where plain silly.

It may at times, and without warning, become very serious and dogmatic in a Loving Christian Way™.

At times public figures and events will be discussed and quite probably made fun of and otherwise satirized. Aside from those cases, all other persons, places and things referenced in The Glob are fictional and any resemblance to real persons, whether living, dead, or unborn are coincidental and accidental. So there.

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