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Actual letters to the editor

Family Feud

A grandfather teaches his granddaughter to use...


Dear Editor,

My name is Evanrude R. “Scooter” Johnson III. I would like to protest the inclusion of what is purported to be articles written by my cousin, Skeeter Johnson, Skeeter is the son of my father’s brother, the black sheep of the family. William J. “Skippy” Johnson was ostracized from the family when he suggested we should try a California vintage with dinner one night. Can you believe the temerity of the man?! I mean we were eating Al-fresco that evening, but it was not a, what is the word, barbecue. Heaven forbid!. True Skeeter has not had the educational opportunities that the rest of the family has enjoyed. I do not believe he would have been admitted to Harvard anyway. I even doubt if he would have been a Yale man, and that is just one step above a so-called community college. After all, classes in arts and crafts? I truly believe this can be traced back to our great-grandfather, Everest G. “Sparky” O’Johnson. He was the founder of the family fortune by starting a brewery in Dublin. He died earlier when he fell into one of the vats and drowned. True he did get out twice to relieve himself. Two of his workers did jump in to save him, but he fought them off bravely. Enough of this airing of the family skeletons, however. You should leave Skeeter be. I would like to discuss this some more but it’s anchors aweigh at the yacht club. I meant this with sincerity. I wrote slowly as I figured you could not read fast.

TTFN (ta ta for now)

Scooter Johnson #3


Lamenting The Glob

The Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel Image by Eligius4917 via Flickr

It was recently announced that the print version of the Global Exclaimer is no more. This was (if not noble) a worthwhile experiment and possibly the future – as well as the past – of print journalism. And yet, life gets in the way of some of our more worthy pursuits – print periodicals cost time, effort, creativity and even something others want to hear about, but in the final analysis it costs money… who in these times has a surplus of that?

And so the GLOB is dead, if not for good reasons at least for reasons I can understand. From the ashes of the GLOB may rise another GLOB experiment – GLOB BLOG. Seems ironic somehow (this experiment within an experiment) – will it “take”, will GLOB BLOG soldier on in a different way from print GLOB? “The times they are a changin’” indeed.

This note was posted on the old/original GLOB BLOG . The GLOB is dead, long live the GLOB


Dear Buck,

Thank you for your letter. I am glad to see that you can still post to The Glob Blog – I feared your long silence meant you had forgotten your password, or worse, lost interest! Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make us remember what we have!


LETTER – “Where’s Jake?”

Missing Fishing

Dear Mr. Editor,

Where is Jake the fish report guy? I haven’t seen anything from him in a long time…would you care to explain?


LETTER – Reader loves this paper

Texas 1718, approximate modern state area high...

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I Love This Paper!

BALCH SPRINGS, Texas – It is the only one to which I subscribe!!! I love the editor AND that Daver the Raver guy…. Reading that rant the other day brought back a memory of a recent conversation that I had with our Director of Training…here fore to be referred to as bullet point man….Funny how Bullet Point man and Daver the Raver sound and think sooo similar. As I read the rant it was eerie how suddenly bullet point man’s voice was suddenly there… in my head. Related perhaps? Distant cousins of some sort. – Jewels

LETTER – Conspiracy

Conspiracy Theory

As a result of some pretty irresponsible behavior compounded by some well-intentioned federal interference major financial players in the banking and insurance industry go bust and take a lot of others down with them

The federal government steps in with buckets of cash, handing it over with very little accountability to the same folks listed above in order to “save the economy”.

These same institutions with the same leadership behave the same way as before. Scandalous salaries, perks, bonuses and spending come to light. The press demands action!

And so the federal government is forced to set in and take control, not because they want to but because they have to, obviously the “greedy rich” cannot regulate themselves.

Next agenda item: healthcare.

Uncle Buck

LETTER – Enquiry as to status

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Is The Glob Still Alive?

Dear GLOB,

Are you still there? You appear stagnant, with that oily sheen on your surface (the rainbow colors in the thin film on still water make pollution so beautiful) and yucky green scum everywhere. If not agitated you will soon begin to smell. Become once again the babbling brook of wit and wisdom I once knew, not the muddy and bug infested bar-ditch you are beginning to resemble.