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Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?” #MSMFAIL is what is on my mind. This morning I turn on Fake News, aka any channel on TV with a “news” show. They are talking about the Russian Hacking. Apparently the Russians had a sinister plan. The “journalist” looks into the camera and says, earnestly, “It seems they may even have been trying to cause (pause for effect – and then very soberly) regime change.”

O My God.

The MSM cannot stop themselves –

From wikipedia (hey journalists, there is this thing called the internet):

In formal usage, a régime is the form of government or the set of rules, cultural or social norms, etc. that regulate the operation of a government or institution and its interactions with society.

Wikipedia goes on to say:

Modern usage

While the word régime originates as a synonym for any form of government, modern usage often gives the term a negative connotation, implying an authoritarian government or dictatorship. Webster’s definition states that the word régime refers simply to a form of government,[1] while Oxford English Dictionary defines regime as “a government, especially an authoritarian one”.[2]

Contemporary academic usage of the term “regime” is broader than popular and journalistic usage, meaning “an intermediate stratum between the government (which makes day-to-day decisions and is easy to alter) and the state (which is a complex bureaucracy tasked with a range of coercive functions).”

So what, you may ask. Well, depending on how you look at the word, you could interpret our earnest journalist as telling us that Russia was trying to save us from the dictatorship that exists here in the United States. Or you could say Russia was trying to change our system of government.

My Point: Regularly scheduled elections are not “regime change.”

Hey earnest journalist, this is what regime change looks like:


And this:


And this:


Regime change most certainly does not look like this:


I am tired of the idiotic product put out by the networks.


Post Election Ruminations

Scribbled on Facebook the morning after – preserved for posterity in this noble newspaper

Some observations this morning:
1. #msmfail – I have been grimly amused by the freaking out of the main stream media – anyone who thinks they were unbiased in their coverage of this election is in denial.

As to their plaintive cry of “how did we miss this?” I urge them to look up and understand the idea of confirmation bias.

2. Is there anything uglier and nastier and haughtier than a bigoted liberal?

3. Non-degreed white males are people too. The obsession with the coverage last night on the percent of non-degreed white males that voted for Trump was fascinating. It was like the media just discovered a new species. And the implication – only ignorant white people would vote for Trump, is elitist and dismissive.

4. In adventures in reaching for straws: several talking heads floated the idea that Hillary lost because ignorant white males were prejudiced against a woman president. Again I say: #msmfail and confirmation bias.

5. Lastly, both parties, wake up. The circumstances that resulted in this election result are the same circumstances responsible for the Tea Party movement.

Neither Republican nor Democrat understood the sensibilities that created the Tea Party movement, so they simply created a straw man and called it the Tea Party so that they could attack and destroy it. But, the simple reality is, there is no Tea Party, never was.

So what was this thing? The simple sense that “I don’t care what party you say you are affiliated with, your candidate doesn’t represent me, so I’m not voting for him or her.” Note – the Republican political machine did not select Donald Trump. To their befuddlement, their unruly populace selected Trump to run as a Republican. I am certain the predominant emotion from the political elite was, “The peasants are revolting.” And they meant that in every sense of the word.


Stanley Cup Inspiration for Local “Mikey” Bass Classic People’s Champ Trophy

Local Mikey Award hopes for visit from Stanley Cup

NEW YORK—In recognition of its tremendous leadership and community work, the Stanley Cup was honored Wednesday for its dedication to helping developmentally disabled trophies.

via Stanley Cup Lauded For Work With Developmentally Disabled Trophies | The Onion Sports Network.

The Mikey, pictured below, is coveted by all local bass fisherman in the Greater North Texas Region. Since the inception of this 10 round Bass Classic Trophy Contest, the winners have been:

  1. 2006 – Mike DeMars
  2. 2007 – Mike DeMars
  3. 2007 – Mike DeMars
  4. 2008 – Mike DeMars
  5. 2009 – Mike DeMars
  6. 2010 – Mike DeMars, Alan Vaughan*

    The Coveted Mikey, desired by many, earned by only one, except for the debacle of 2010.

Mike explains his domination of this tournament as follows: “It’s my name. Mike DeMars is Mike of The Sea. Domination is inevitable.” Alan, the perennial Banana #2, was unavailable for comment.

*Controversy continues to hang like a Fukushima nuclear cloud over the award of 2010, which year the contest ended in a tie. Mike said it should simply state “No Winner.” Alan said “I want my name on the damn trophy!”

Albemarle Road church fined $100 per branch for excessive tree pruning | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper

Albemarle Road church fined $100 per branch for excessive tree pruning | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper.

(NORTH CAROLINA) – This is what happens when you don’t think it matters whether or not you vote or are politically active.

Since our system of government is designed as “by the people” it really is the government “by the people who seek power”. The balance to that lust for power is the voter that does not want to govern, but has chosen to be governed. We put these people in power – as public servants. As a motivated voter, you can fire your public servant if they forget whom they serve. But, you have to actually be politically active and actually vote.

If you don’t bother, this kind of nonsense happens. (tip of the hat to Frater Cowculus for alerting The Glob to this atrocity) Ψ

New Redevelopment Project Underway at SE Corner of Belt Line and Josey

Public Service Announcement for Denizens of Carrollton, TX

Carrollton, Texas – The City of Carrollton is excited to announce that a major redevelopment project has broken ground on the southeast corner of Belt Line Road and Josey Lane. The owner of this 53-year old shopping center, Sheritru Partners, , has received a grant from the City of Carrollton to incentivize the renovation of the 110,338 square foot shopping center.

Carrollton Mayor Matthew Marchant, chair of the City Council Redevelopment Sub-Committee said, “This project represents a significant investment in our community. These efforts will help beautify and improve a key intersection in the southern part of Carrollton and enhance the economic vitality along the main thoroughfares of Josey Lane and Belt Line Road.”

In June of 2007, the Carrollton City Council adopted the Retail Redevelopment and Rehabilitation Grant Program to provide financial incentives to existing retail shopping centers and other retail facilities for enhancements and/or redevelopment. The program is retention based, with the goal of rehabilitating older retail facilities to improve their aesthetic and architectural appeal, shopping center occupancies, offer greater shopping choices for the citizens of Carrollton, and increase sales tax revenues. To date three grants, totaling about $900,000 resulting in private investments of about $6 million. Each project has been completed.

The total cost for the renovation of this shopping center redevelopment is $1.5 million. Under the Incentive Policy of the City, Sheritru Partners, LTD is eligible for a grant not to exceed $168,000. This is a redevelopment project and no existing tax revenue will be lost due to this grant.

Enhancements will include a new exterior façade, additional architectural towers as well as improved lighting and signage.


Kelli Lewis

Marketing Specialist

The City of Carrollton, TX


Celebrating? Are You Serious?

Celebrating what exactly?

(WASHINGTON DC) – I am dismayed and so this is something of an angry post. I guess the best way to make my point is with pictures:

People Happy Because Americans Were Killed on 9/11

This is a picture of people celebrating. What are they celebrating? They are celebrating the killing of Americans. These people are very happy at the sight of people dying. They are elated – their joy can hardly be contained. This type of celebration is disordered and sick-minded.

What is being celebrated? Justice? Or blood-lust?

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The Mayans Just Didn’t Get It

Displaying a staggering ignorance of basic supply and demand, the Mayans simply failed to recognize the economic boon built-in obsolescence provides a civilization.

(YUCATAN PENINSULA – 8th and 9th Baktun) – Exhibiting a mistake common to all emerging technological civilizations, the Mayans labored under the misconception that if you are going to build something, you should build it right, and build it to last.

One pathetic example of their inability to cash in on planned obsolescence is their calendar system. Rather than make a calendar that would simply last a short time and then need to be replaced, they used several calendars which are more or less permanent. The most egregious example is the so-called long count calendar. This calendar literally runs for a period of 144,000 days, or one b’ak’tun. Come on! a product life-cycle of 144,000 days?? But wait, after 144,000 days, you simply start over at the next Baktun. So, even today, were an enterprising young Mayan business man or woman going to capitalize on the coming end of the 13th Baktun (late next year), the astute consumer would simply say “No thanks, I, and my progeny, will just reuse this calendar for the 14th Baktun.”

The Sands of Time

"OH MY GAWD!! When the 144,000th sand particle passes we're all going to die!" - Dorothy Gale

As a side note, our civilization is marked by astute opportunists that recognize the profit potential of hysteria – even a thinly disguised retread of the Y2K hysteria. Late next year the 144,000th day of the 13th baktun of the Long Cycle will be reached. Since the long count calendar is incomprehensibly long, the only logical explanation for the coming end of the 13th baktun is the End Of Days, the Apocalypse, the END OF THE WORLD, right?

Ermm – no. The significance of this day is equal to the significance of the 31st day of December on a modern calendar, i.e., a time of celebration as we reach the end of one counting cycle followed immediately by the beginning of another.

Since the classic period of the Maya (the 8th and 9th baktun or 250 to 900 AD) the universe has come to an apocalyptic end three times. Oh, you hadn’t noticed?

This is another example of the Mayans simply not getting it. Why have a giant (money-making) Happy New Baktun celebration every 394.25 tropical years when you can have  a Happy New Year celebration every 365 days?

The Mayans could not maintain any kind of economy to speak of due to the fact that once they built something it never needed replacing. After a period of phenomenal growth where everything they made was a “got-to-have” item, the market saturated, calendar factories and temple construction companies went out of business, and hundreds of thousands of workers were put out in the street.

Add to this the collapse of the hospitality industry due to the fact that nearly 400 years is simply too long between parties and you can see that the Mayans succumbed to a devastating ennui and simply faded into obscurity.


It’s Funny Because it’s True

OK, it’s not true, but I made you look!!

Obama Orders Guantánamo Prisoners Transferred To Next President
April 13, 2011 | ISSUE 47•15

You have to admit, my administration has been entertaining in that sad-scary-clown kind of way.

President Obozo has a problem. He has to run on his record. He’s never held a position long enough for there to be a record to review – and when he sort of has had a record to run on (as a Senator that did not finish his term), he’s simply moved on. His record on Gitmo speaks for itself – and encapsulates his foray into Supreme Executive-ship.

He has repeatedly made dogmatic and unequivocal policy statements based on no knowledge of the realities involved. His arrogance is shocking – it is as if he skimmed a report, determined he had all the necessary facts, makes policy, then someone points out “well, in paragraph two here, it clearly notes that…” and he has to recant, ignore, distract or obfuscate.

If he could officially transfer Gitmo’s prisoners to the next president, he would.


via Obama Orders Guantánamo Prisoners Transferred To Next President | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

President Barry – “Oh, The Humanity!”

Addressing The Things That Really Matter
(WASHINGTON DC) – Threats of a government shutdown elicit “sky is falling” reaction from POTUSA, yawns and not a few chuckles from citizenry.

It’s getting hard to not laugh every time Mr. Soetaro opens his mouth. Here is a fascinating insight into what he seems to think matters to US Citizens today:
“Folks who were planning a vacation to Yellowstone — well, it turns out national parks, suddenly you’re closed, you’re out of luck.”
Hmmm. Let’s examine this tragedy for a moment, shall we? Number of visitors to Yellowstone during all of 2010? 3,640,904 Number of people currently unemployed TODAY in the USA? As of March of this year, 13,500,000 people were “officially” unemployed, 8.4 million are under-employed, that is, working part-time because they cannot find full-time, and 6.5 million not working, and not looking (so not counted as unemployed.) Total? 28.4 million. (Source)

Interesting question – How many people in the next 10 days (just picking a number out of the air) will be unable to go to Yellowstone for vacation due to the shutdown? Well, being very optimistic, this being early in the year and not quite vacation time, maybe 140 thousand. (I divided visitors last year by 52 weeks, and multiplied by two for a two-week vacation.)

"It's the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning, and it's the last thing I think about when I go to bed at night. I just don't think about it during the day."

Number of people not going on vacation to Yellowstone in the next 10 days because they are unemployed? 28 million. Way to prioritize President Obonehead. Here’s a hint: It’s the economy stupid. And part of the systemic problem with our economy is the amount of money the Government wastes. Here’s another clue – your job is not the budget or the economy. That is the job of Congress. Let the people WE elected do their jobs, and stay out-of-the-way. Go golfing. Move to Brazil. Whatever floats your boat. Just stop interfering with people trying to correct your freaking mess.


Creepy Update

Creepy Part Two – via the Press This Feature of WordPress

The Pentagon, Where Military Decisions Are Made.

The Pentagon

By Robert Burns – The Associated Press
Posted : Friday Apr 1, 2011 12:21:26 EDT

WASHINGTON— The Pentagon is about to pull its attack planes out of the international air campaign in Libya, hoping NATO partners can take up the slack.

via U.S. ending its air combat role in Libya – Air Force News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Air Force Times.

As I was writing Creepy I was unaware of the above. It would seem we are now done protecting civilians. The leadership philosophy of our President seems to have evolved naturally from his campaign speeches: “Yes, I believe we can change,” coupled with a Clintonian sense of “hope” that others (NATO) can take up the slack. But, wait, aren’t we part of NATO?

“But wait yourself!” you may be thinking. “You seem to have a damned if you do, damned if  you don’t attitude toward our beneficent President.” Yes, it would seem that way to the sleepy or inattentive. Actually, the problem I have is the “dust in the wind, dude” approach he has to foreign policy. When he can drag himself to the task at hand, he seems to have seen the problem for the very first time. Now, I was very concerned about why we were bombing Libya to start with as noted in this post and this one. However, what really concerns me is the apparent lack of a coherent foreign policy. That should concern everyone, don’t you think?