Things Alarming – or at least reported that way


When did “protecting civilians” become “supporting rebels”?

(LIBYA and LALA LAND) – “Mission Creep” is a term used in the military when the initial mission evolves (or devolves) into something else. Sometimes it is inevitable as situations change. And sometimes it is due to incompetence, or is a result of a poorly understood mission (incompetence), or a poorly communicated mission (incompetence), or misrepresentation of the mission (lying), or a function of an underlying (secret) agenda (creepy/scary).

We’ve gone from establishing a no-fly-zone to waging war. When is a civilian (under our protection) a non-combatant? Not a rebel? Not a Gadhafi supporter? Answer: When they aren’t where the bombs are falling.

The United States is now the hired muscle for an unknown group of people in Libya with an unknown agenda. I would like to encourage our commander-in-chief to rethink the plan of being Mercenaries to the World. Mercenaries get paid. Don’t tell me about Libya’s oil. We get our oil from Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela.

This whole thing went from a humanitarian intervention, so-called, to active participation in a civil war. The best answer thus far on who the rebels are is “not Gadhafi.” We are now the de-facto air force for “not Gadhafi.” Marc Ginsberg, former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco, had this to say: 

Libyan Journalists on Patrol

“It’s a sort of ‘Star War’ assembly of characters and people who are clearly patriots, very decent people – I’m sure – journalists, opposition military officials who have broken with the regime, former diplomats – and then you’ve got Islamists.”

Star War? Read that quote a couple of times. Still befuddled? Me too. I like this part: “…very decent people – I’m sure – journalists,…”. We ran that through the Global Exclaimer’s patented De-Crapinator® and received this translation:

You want to know Who these people are? How the hell should I know?

I am left uncomfortable. At this point our commander-in-chief is probably safe in stating that there has been no “mission creep.” You can’t deviate from an incoherent mission whose apparent goal is to be somebody’s air force.





NEW YORK; COPPELL – Today, as I was going to watch Jon Stewart’s highly informative video regarding the All Access Squawk Fast Mad Money failure that is CNBC financial reporting, I was alarmed to find the video had been taken private by “it’s owner.”

So, I went digging around to find out what I could and if anyone else noticed it was not up anymore. Instead, I found a site that had it posted, so I clicked and began to watch. About 2/3 of the way in, the screen popped up “This site may be harmful to your computer” and then abruptly I was looking at one of those IQ tests.

Hmmmmmmmm. This has all the aroma of a conspiracy.