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Latest Denizen of Farmers Branch

Welcome Theo!

(Farmers Branch, suburb of Carrollton, TX) – We welcome into this world Theo, Son of Leon and Theresa, grandson of Leon, Tim and Renee, and Rosie and Mark. Gaze upon the proud Papa and his firstborn son!

Leon and Theo

Happy Birthday Theo!


Hospitable Takeover

The Global Exclaimer Then and Now


(CARROLLTON – Cradle of Civilization) In the Beginning, there was a family newsletter which I called The Global Exclaimer. It was largely for fun, and a diversion for me. My family seemed to like it. It was humorous when not plain silly. Sometimes it was serious.

Then there was The Glob Blog. It became embroiled in the politics of the day, then went off on a religious slant.

Then there was an actual newspaper circulated in Carrollton, TX for a year named The Global Exclaimer. It was really the big brother of my family newsletter and was very rewarding personally in every way except monetarily. It became a very expensive and time consuming hobby.

It was replaced by this blog.

Then I spun off a feature of this blog titled The Spiritual Advocate, and did most of my writing over there. It morphed into Truth Vs Reality, at a sort of philosophical/religious blog. That effort has languished with the beginning of a podcast called My Stogie Mystagogy at

But, I miss my news-papering days.

PLUS, I have since received a Masters in Theology, and become a Lay Dominican. So, what to do with the Global Exclaimer?

Nothing but… A Hospitable Takeover! What does that mean?

Hide and watch.

Mark, aka Frater Bovious



Stanley Cup Inspiration for Local “Mikey” Bass Classic People’s Champ Trophy

Local Mikey Award hopes for visit from Stanley Cup

NEW YORK—In recognition of its tremendous leadership and community work, the Stanley Cup was honored Wednesday for its dedication to helping developmentally disabled trophies.

via Stanley Cup Lauded For Work With Developmentally Disabled Trophies | The Onion Sports Network.

The Mikey, pictured below, is coveted by all local bass fisherman in the Greater North Texas Region. Since the inception of this 10 round Bass Classic Trophy Contest, the winners have been:

  1. 2006 – Mike DeMars
  2. 2007 – Mike DeMars
  3. 2007 – Mike DeMars
  4. 2008 – Mike DeMars
  5. 2009 – Mike DeMars
  6. 2010 – Mike DeMars, Alan Vaughan*

    The Coveted Mikey, desired by many, earned by only one, except for the debacle of 2010.

Mike explains his domination of this tournament as follows: “It’s my name. Mike DeMars is Mike of The Sea. Domination is inevitable.” Alan, the perennial Banana #2, was unavailable for comment.

*Controversy continues to hang like a Fukushima nuclear cloud over the award of 2010, which year the contest ended in a tie. Mike said it should simply state “No Winner.” Alan said “I want my name on the damn trophy!”

New Redevelopment Project Underway at SE Corner of Belt Line and Josey

Public Service Announcement for Denizens of Carrollton, TX

Carrollton, Texas – The City of Carrollton is excited to announce that a major redevelopment project has broken ground on the southeast corner of Belt Line Road and Josey Lane. The owner of this 53-year old shopping center, Sheritru Partners, , has received a grant from the City of Carrollton to incentivize the renovation of the 110,338 square foot shopping center.

Carrollton Mayor Matthew Marchant, chair of the City Council Redevelopment Sub-Committee said, “This project represents a significant investment in our community. These efforts will help beautify and improve a key intersection in the southern part of Carrollton and enhance the economic vitality along the main thoroughfares of Josey Lane and Belt Line Road.”

In June of 2007, the Carrollton City Council adopted the Retail Redevelopment and Rehabilitation Grant Program to provide financial incentives to existing retail shopping centers and other retail facilities for enhancements and/or redevelopment. The program is retention based, with the goal of rehabilitating older retail facilities to improve their aesthetic and architectural appeal, shopping center occupancies, offer greater shopping choices for the citizens of Carrollton, and increase sales tax revenues. To date three grants, totaling about $900,000 resulting in private investments of about $6 million. Each project has been completed.

The total cost for the renovation of this shopping center redevelopment is $1.5 million. Under the Incentive Policy of the City, Sheritru Partners, LTD is eligible for a grant not to exceed $168,000. This is a redevelopment project and no existing tax revenue will be lost due to this grant.

Enhancements will include a new exterior façade, additional architectural towers as well as improved lighting and signage.


Kelli Lewis

Marketing Specialist

The City of Carrollton, TX


Chip Bloecher, 37, Remains in ICU

(CARROLLTON) – Chip Bloecher, elementary school principal at Carrollton Christian Academy, remains unconscious in Arlington Memorial Hospital after passing out in his truck during the Cowboys game on September 19.

Pray For Chip Bloecher


Tube is out and he is talking, but sparsly, he is sore. He has asked to go home, watch football. He needs to cough, remain calm and breathe deep. Please note visitors are limited to family, we do welcome you to ICU West to rejoice! Your continued prayers are requested!

Bloecher, 37, has battled kidney failure, pneumonia, and cardiac arrhythmia since suffering a massive heat stroke in the Cowboys parking lot. A family friend stated that Bloecher’s physical condition is improving, but doctors are unsure how much cognitive damage has been sustained. A transfer to UT Southwestern’s brain trauma unit will likely occur as soon as arrangements are finalized.

The following was posted on the Pray For Chip Bloecher Facebook page today, September 27th: “Chip had an uneventful night. It looked like he rested well. He did have a temperature most of the night. Still have not heard anything about the transfer, will post when more is known. Please pray for continued rest and healing and a safe transfer today. Thank you!”

Please follow the link to lend your support and offer your prayers for Chip, his wife Lisa, and daughter Hope.

Local Man’s Dedication to St. Paddy Causes Marital Discord

“But, it’s for St. Patrick!”

CARROLLTON – Here in The Highlands subdivision of Carrollton, there is trouble brewing. A certain Irishman’s dedication to the country of his ancestors is misunderstood by his fiery Cuban bride.

“The whole trouble started a few weeks ago when I began to engineer a surprise that was instead interpreted as simple laziness and procrastination.” The man shrugged his shoulders. “Artists are seldom appreciated in their time,” he added as he surveyed his developing work of art. “Take these shades of ochre on the side here. This light yellowish brown is not typically associated with St. Patrick’s day, but it will deepen to a lovely yellow green in just a few more days.” Heaving a sigh, he amended, “Would’ve. Would have deepened. Just in time.”

“¡NO! No lo quiero.” The Cuban spitfire burst into the backyard exuding a sense other than art appreciation. “Es basura. No bueno. NO BUENO!. La piscina deberia ser azul, no verde. No Verde! Limpia la piscina ahora! ¡Que mierda!” And she stormed back inside.

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Nothing New Locally

Carrollton just a sleepy little town.

CARROLLTON – Nothing of note has happened here recently. But that’s OK by me.