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Blogathon – Day 5

Cinco de Mayo

You will notice there is no beer in this picture.

Desperation Blogging

Making it up as I go

(CARROLLTON) – May 5, aka to a small section of Mexico and all of Beerdom, Cinco de Mayo.

My current work schedule is such that I have nothing to write about today. So, Instead I have decided to do something to some of my longer posts and then explain it here.

Basically, I’ve noticed many bloggers use the “more” tag to allow for a somewhat tidied look. I’ve never really liked navigating through those “read more”  links, but I may be in the minority. So here.



What I Don’t Got

Two Turn Tables and a Microphone

Oh, And a Post

(CARROLLTON) – May 4th. – – It is currently 7:29 in the ante meridiemand I went to bed at 2:49. So, just under 4.5 hours of sleep. I had a long day yesterday complete with a 2nd interview for a new job, and then working at one of our stores until 2:15 am or so. What was I doing there? Making sure the office was closed and that all the money was accounted for and secured. Because today the store belongs to someone else.I get to do it all again today. Then Sunday. Etc., blah.

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2011 WordCount Blogathon – register now, event starts May 1


(BLOGOSPHERE) – Month of May
2011 WordCount Blogathon – register now, event starts May 1

Bloggers unite – and welcome to the opening of registration for the 4th annual WordCount Blogathon, which takes place May 1-31, 2011.

via 2011 WordCount Blogathon – register now, event starts May 1 | WordCount.

I am going to do this, because I can. I have twice completed 50,000+ words in NANOWRIMO, so writing some odd posts once a day should not be all that hard. (I say boldly.) Wish me luck!



Sounds like a Font made for April Fools Day, doesn’t it. And maybe it is, but according to the Wikipedia folks, that is the original name of HELVETICA. And I guess “font” is really inaccurate – I believe we are talking about typefaces here.
HOWEVER – in WordPress, if you try to use Helvetica, you get Arial. I want Helvetica, but apparently I can’t have it. So, I’m having a type-off. I would like to know:

  1. What is your preferred typeface/font?
  2. Do you prefer Arial or Verdana in the samples below?
This is a test of the emergency Arial system comparison to Verdana.
This is a test of the emergency Arial system comparison to Verdana.
(The first line is Arial, the second is Verdana)
A comparison between the fonts Helvetica and A...

Image via Wikipedia

Hmmm. I want Helvetica to be my new default font. But looks like my preference is:

Verdana! I haven’t paid for the css upgrade, so default is a misnomer. I have to set a division and tell it “verdana” and set the font size.

I think the default typeface for this theme is Times New Roman, but I’m not sure. This is a serif font, while

Verdana is a sans-serif font. I learned while printing my paper that serif typefaces are easier to read when you are holding a paper, but sans-serif typefaces make for an easier computer read. So there. Or, at least that’s what I think. What do YOU thing? I mean think.


NATIONAL NEWS – Warranties?

What Did I Miss Here?

WASHINGTON – The Warranty Commitment Program unveiled by Obama on March 31st leaves me wondering what the hell.

“If you buy a car from Chrysler or General Motors, you will be able to get your car serviced and repaired, just like always,” Obama pledged Monday. “Your warranty will be safe. In fact, it will be safer than it’s ever been. Because starting today, the United States government will stand behind your warranty.”

When did Automobile Warranties become a matter of Presidential Concern? I was unaware of the Warranty Crisis. Suddenly those phone calls I keep getting warning me about my warranty’s tenuous hold on life seem rather sinister. But, seriously, why is the Government in the Warranty business? Why is Obama guaranteeing warranties?

Let’s see, the President’s job is

  1. Uphold the Constitution
  2. Defend our borders
  3. Receive foreign visitors

Hmmm. I’m not seeing the “Guarantee private business warranties” provision there in the Constitution. What is driving this? I’m not exactly sure I want the US Government standing behind my GM warranty. This makes me very uncomfortable. I’m not seeing the warranty emergency. I’m not grasping the justification for my tax dollars to pay for GM and Chrysler warranties.

Folks this is getting Orwellian. Let’s say I don’t have a GM or Chrysler car, but you do. Why do my tax dollars guarantee your warranty? Is this even in fact legal? How many steps more to simple Government Ownership of Private Enterprise? No, seriously. Look down the road a bit. What the hell is going on here?

DINING – Squeez Bacon

What Could Possibly Be Better?

WORLD – We all know there is nothing better than salted fat. Or is there? How about salted fat in a convenient squeeze bottle?
"Ain't nuthin' better!"

Boy Howdy.

QUICK NOTE – Sexting

It’s Not OK

PENNSYLVANIA – Three teenage girls were charged with peddling child porn when they were caught sending semi-nude pictures of themselves via their cell phones. The ACLU, defender of America, filed suit stating that it was “unconstitutional.” They didn’t say what ‘it’ was. They don’t have to anymore. They just show up and say ‘it’s’ unconstitutional, and most recipients of this threat simply cave. They did note that a successful charge could land the girls on the sex-offender data base for 10 years.

Here is a quote from Witold Walczak, legal director for the ACLU in Pennsylvania,

“That’s a heck of a lesson for a kid who probably doesn’t even realize she is doing something wrong,” he said.

Do tell. But if a kid doesn’t know that emailing naked pictures around is wrong, isn’t some kind of lesson in order?

This Just In

National ACLU chapter sues Pennsylvania chapter director Witold Walcsak for commenting that something was “wrong.”

“Saying something is wrong is a clear reference to a moral code, which is a naked attempt to invoke religion which is unconstitutional.”

It is nice to know our Constitution is so well defended.